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Surrey #1: Waverley Abbey to Tilford and back

One of my favourite days out so far, actually, this is going top of my list to recommend to you. Complete with fantastic food and an incredible countryside escape.

Nearest town: Farnham

Distance: Flexible but this specific route was approximately 8 to 10 miles.

Duration: This route takes between 3 to 4 hours, but we made plenty of stops in between so it is a little hard to tell how long it actually took. It's a perfect all day adventure.

You can park free of charge at Waverley Abbey | English Heritage ( At the moment (May 2024), the house and house car park is closed for visitors. However, the Waverley Abbey café is opened and so is it's free car park. Here is the google map link to head to the car park:

The route itself is fairly accessible, there are no gates to climb. There is a fair bit of road work but it feels pretty safe. Many of the paths, however, are by-ways and we did see plenty of off-road bikes, and cars, and cyclists. There are many waterways too, which we passed safely and dry'ly haha.

But one of the highlights for me was visiting The Tap Room with . ( Beer, cider and cheese, all made at the farm, were incredibly delicious. There is a wonderful on-site Italian pizza oven which (I think) is brought out on occasion and substituted for Mexican days on other occasions. Go for the cheeseboard though, divine is not enough of a beautiful word haha. In wonderful company, on a beautiful sunny day, this is the place to be - Surrey's hidden gem.

Interestingly, walking around made completely fascinating by the purple Rhododendron shrubs. Specks of bright purple and pinks were absolutely stunning but deadly beautiful according to The Woodland Trust - Rhododendron is destroying our native wildlife - Woodland Trust. So much so that gardeners are urged not to buy this plant this spring, considering it is now found to be invasive species, which spreads fast and crowds out other plants.

Another interesting note for the walks, is the increased notice from the UK Health Security Agency - GOV.UK ( around Tick bite risks and prevention of Lyme disease: resources - GOV.UK ( I would really recommend you familiarise yourself with the guidance, it's really handy to know and be prepared for the right steps to take if you come across a tick, you or your dog get bitten.

Free OS Map link to area: Tilford | OS Maps


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