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Peaks #2: Wetton Hill

Updated: May 23

A popular destination, but one not to miss out on, especially on a beautiful sunny day. I would take this route again in a heart beat!

Nearest town: Ashbourne

Location: The Peak District, Derbyshire

Distance: Around 3 miles

Duration: Around 2 hours but the location is totally flexible

OS Map link: Wetton Hill | OS Maps

Oh boy, was this walk incredible!! But beware, on a beautiful sunny day this one will be packed! If you are heading out this spring or summer, I cannot stress this enough, if you want to see nature, and lambs, and have an incredible time, head out early.

We got to the Wetton Mill Tea Room around 9:20am and hikers were already starting to gather but it was perfect. By some magical insight we decided to stop over for breakfast first because when we came back it was fully (I mean fully!) packed. Though it says online that the Café opens at 10am, it was already opened by the time we arrived (but don't take my word for it! it could have been an accident). Anyway, a sarnie, a cake and a coffee later, we decided to set off for a short little route of around 3 miles in total and tool around 1 hour and 30 minutes ish.

Though a fairly short route, we didn't really hit the busy-ness until arriving in the village of Wetton, where many hikers appear to like to start their route. At that point, an accidental mini detour down the path labelled in orange whilst I was blindly following other walkers and not paying attention to my map, ahah!

Free OS Map Route

I've created the route we walked on You can follow this link or download the app on your phone free. You don't need to sign up to follow the route I have created, but signing up doesn't cost you anything and will enable you to save the routes you want to walk, free of charge. The difference with the paid version is that you will be able to see the Topographic map with all the paths labelled clearly, and will be able to plan your own routes (and more) which costs around £34 a year. But you can follow the route linked below completely free. Though as ever, a disclaimer, that since I've last visited this route, it is possible (as with any outdoor adventures) for it to have become not walkable , so please, do your own research too, and be prepared for all weather conditions, and to change your plans if needed:

For more photos, ideas and adventures, please don't hesitate to visit @absoecolutely on Instagram!


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