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Herts #7: Leven's Green

Updated: May 23

A stunning local adventure where we encountered... a real-life unicorn! It's a true story.

Nearest town: Hertford

Distance: Flexible

Duration: Flexible

Sometimes, a walk can take an unexpected turn, transforming an ordinary stroll into something remarkable. As Pepper and I followed a footpath, we encountered a stunning white horse, and behind it, astonishingly, stood what appeared to be a unicorn in the making. With one blue eye and one brown eye, it was an absolutely enchanting sight.

There are paths for days and lots of opportunity to loop back on yourself. But I found that it is not particularly solo walker friendly, the paths are isolated, and not very well sign posted, so I would recommend exploring this one together and during the dryer months. Some paths can take you directly over ploughed fields.

Free OS Map link to area: Levens Green | OS Maps

This route is around 2.8 miles and takes around 1 hour 15 minutes to complete.

a white pony
unicorn twins - a white pony and its parent

For more photos, affordable and sustainable adventure ideas, head over to Katia S (@absoecolutely) • Instagram photos and videos.


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