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Herts #6: Green End

Updated: May 23

So many paths, and wonderful hiking potential, for a peaceful and relaxing wander!

Nearest town: Ware

Location: East Hertfordshire

Distance: Flexible

Duration: Flexible

Another one of my favourite escapes - super peaceful - paths can go on forever but you can equally loop back around if you're feeling tired or your companions have had enough ahah! I've done this one on my own plenty of times, so it feels like a perfect solo adventure too.

I haven't been able to find easy and accessible parking for this one, but there seems to be plenty of safe on road perching available. You can definitely find a more accessible route here for cycling, prams or wheel chair users in this area (mind you, not everywhere in this area but it is findable).

Free OS Map link to area: Dane End | OS Maps


This precise walk is around 5 miles and took 2 hours or so. But it can be totally flexible as there are lots of possibilities to make this a shorter or a longer adventure.

One of my all time favourite photos was also taken here. I don't know why but completely in love with it :) Happy exploring!

landscape view of Green End


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