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Herts #52: Barkway

Updated: May 29

Curious ponies, colourful pheasants, and a chorus of birds who fill the air on this nature-rich adventure in North Hertfordshire.

Nearest town: Royston

Distance: Around 4 miles but flexible

Duration: Around 2 hours or flexible

The walks from Barkway to Nuthampstead are numerous and serene, offering an incredibly tranquil experience. The particular path I chose felt very secure, encountering just one fellow local explorer and a handful of other walkers from a considerable distance.

My absolute favourite moment was watching the brave little ponies determinedly follow the public footpath to say hello and inspect my backpack for any treats (even though it was clear, they had plenty of grass to keep them occupied ahah!).

There is a pub in Barkway, though I didn't stop by, it looked beautiful, and having researched is dog friendly, visit their Instagram page: The Tally Ho (@thetallyhobarkway) • Instagram photos and videos. And, a cake shop called La Vita, but sadly I could not confirm if that one is dog friendly.

Free OS Map link to area: Barkway | OS Maps

For more photos and affordable and sustainable adventure ideas head over to Katia S (@absoecolutely) • Instagram photos and videos


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