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Herts #5: High Cross

Updated: May 29

Another wonderful walk near the beautiful town of Ware, with many routes and possibilities, as well as my favourite pub and a stop over for coffee and cake.

Nearest town: Ware

Distance: Around 2 mile but flexible

Duration: Around 1 hour or flexible

There are a few lovely walks around High Cross. I personally really like the one around the old chicken farm. It is quiet and peaceful with barely any humans, but feels safe and relaxing. Nearby are my two favourite spots to take a break. The Feathers Pub is a perfect stop over for some gorgeous country lunch or a bevvy or if you are after a quick sarnie, cake and a brew, the Ermines Café.

Free OS Map link to area: SG11 1AE | OS Maps

This precise route is just over 2 miles and takes around an hour.


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