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Verona: A Beginner's Guide to Italy's Timeless City

Updated: May 13

So, you've always wanted to go to Italy but don't know where to start? Perhaps you also want to leave enough flexibility to travel around but don't want to hire a car, or commit to one place... Then, Verona might just be the perfect location for you :)

Why Verona

Whether you are looking for indulgent or budget friendly, there is something in Verona for everyone - all and everything is in absolutely fabulous style - from food, to people, to history and architecture, it's purely divine from free to pricey.

Verona has incredible transport connections, from nearby Valerio Catullo Airport in Villa Franca, the airport transfer shuttles to city centre, to the Verona Porta Nuova train station.

From Verona, you can therefore easily travel to nearby gorgeousness by train: Bologna, Brescia, Venice, Padua, Lake Garda, Mantua, Milan, Vicenza, Florence and more.

Aside from being the home of Romeo and Juliet, it is a historical and cultural centre and a UNESCO world heritage city, where some of the architecture dates back nearly two thousand years!

My Top 7 Free Things to do in Verona

So without further ado, here are my favourite free things to do in Verona.

  1. Climb the stairs up to Castel San Pietro for the aerial view of Verona

  2. Visit Juliet's balcony

  3. See Arena di Verona, a colosseum of immense history

  4. People watch in Piazza della Erbe and Piazza Brà

  5. Window shop on Via Mazzini or Via San Zeno for the antiques

  6. Walk under the Porta Dei Borsari, built in the first century AD

  7. Get lost between the gorgeous little streets of Verona, each turn more beautiful than the last

And bonus, something I always recommend, is finding a free walking tour on YouTube or Spotify to keep you company whilst you're wandering.

My Top 7 Splurgy (ish) Things You Can Do in or from Verona

If you are happy to be tempted into spending a little more money, there are a number of things to be recommended too. My no means exhaustive list, just a few of my favourite places, so be warned, for me this all centres around food glorious food haha!

Photos added to the gallery and numbered in case you are interested :) Alternatively visit Absoecolutely on Instagram (linked here) for more.

  1. Visit Carlotta's Perfumery on Via Portici (1,2)

  2. Grab a breakie a the Pasticceria Flego on Via Stella (3)

  3. Or how about a dinner with Antica Bottega del Vino on Vicolo Scudo di Francia for incredible wine and dine experience. If you are kind and curious, and the restaurant isn't too busy you may be able to ask for a tour and history of their wine cellar (4,5,6,7)

  4. A Spritz on any square is honestly a divine experience, you'll however more likely find me on Piazza Erbe (8,9,10)

  5. See an opera or a live performance at the Verona Arena, a Roman amphitheatre, quite honestly this is still on my bucket list

  6. Verona offers so many tours, wine, walking, pasta and gelato making, sounds like a great combination!

  7. Take a day trip to Venice, and in case helpful, here is an abso-eco-lutely easy guide here


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