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Herts #4: Cold Christmas from Wareside

Updated: May 29

A wonderful walk near the beautiful town of Ware, with so many routes and possibilities, as well as my favourite pub and a stop over for coffee and cake.

Nearest town: Ware

Distance: Around 5 miles but flexible

Duration: Around 2 hours or flexible

This walk is another great favourite of mine. I like to start the walk somewhere from Wareside and make it a longer hike. It is completely flexible, however, in terms of distance and duration, though perhaps a little hilly in places. There's so much variety: open fields, streams and forests. And, most importantly, two beautiful spots to take a break, especially if you make it to Cold Christmas and branch out towards Thundridge (precisely why I need this walk to be a longer hike sometimes haha - to work off the calories!)

My all time favourite is the Feathers Pub, a perfect stop over for some gorgeous country lunch or a bevvy. But if you are after a quick sarnie, cake and a brew, why not stop over at the wonderful Ermines Cafe.

Free OS Map link to area:

This particular route is nearly 7 miles and takes about 3 hours all the way around.


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