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I'm a health statistician by day and a newbie photographer by night haha! Pepper, my energetic two-year-old cocker spaniel, is my ever-present companion in the realm of remote work and outdoor adventures.

ABSO ECO LUTELY is our platform dedicated to sharing our greatest passions and inspiring others towards sustainable, intentional living, affordable, budget-friendly adventuring, and providing helpful tips and ideas.


An enormous part of my sustainable living journey has been about reconnecting with nature and making more intentional choices across all aspects of life: fashion, travel, hobbies and more.


The Slow Lanes Series brings to you one of our more exciting ventures, that is exploring the wealth of the public footpaths and the wonderful landscapes of England. Each blog post is an ever expanding account of our walks across each county, starting with our home location in Hertfordshire, tagged with the coffee shops, traditional pubs and local markets, we’ve had the pleasure of visiting. 


All photos are my own, taken on Canon R50, Fujifilm XT5 or iPhone. Photography is our way of capturing a moment and translating that to you, the reader. And there are more projects in the pipelines, which I am excited to share with you soon. 

So I hope you stay tuned, and thank you so much for joining us on this journey :) 

Katia 🌍 ❤️

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